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700-year-old history

The guesthouse tells you its history

The beginning
The guesthouse Tauber has been first mentioned at the beginning of the XII century, more precisely in 1320, (at that time named Oberküchenmayr)As the name suggests, the owners of that time delivered the food for the prince-bishop’s cuisine at the monastery of Sabiona/Säben, in Chiusa/Klausen. 
Walls that have lived some action
Over the centuries, the walls of the guesthouse have often faced several tragedies, such as the great fire of 1842 in Albes/Albeins due to which most of the structure have been destroyed. During the last renovation works some burned beams have been found.
The Tauber family
Several generations of the Tauber family run the lovely guesthouse and even today our family works on it and gives a precious contribution to the village life. Above all, Franz Tauber has been an appreciated community member. He was a pioneer of the irrigation system in the orchards of Albes/Albeins, fire chief and director of the villages music band. He has been, and will remain, an unforgettable person.
From inn to guesthouse
Our family has a special connection to its roots but does not lose sight of the contemporaneity and its value: 2021 marks the year of the big change. The guesthouse will be partially renovated, and two new rooms will be built. 
The logo will shine under a news light, as well: The tree represents the big and very old walnut tree in the inner courtyard. The age of the walnut tree has been evaluated in approx. 130 years and it has a personal history to tell. Just listen to the rustling of the leaves in the wind...